Buy the phone on EMI | How to buy a mobile phone in installments? Buy the phone on EMI

Buy the phone on EMI: Smartphones have now become a necessity for people, and there are other similar tasks that can be done with a smartphone, such as online education of children, online payments, and train ticket reservations, but there are problems. For middle-class families who cannot save money to buy a smartphone, it is convenient to buy a smartphone of choice on EMI (Easy Monthly), isn’t it? I am planning to buy a smartphone right now and I am running out of money so I can buy mobile today on EMI.

Many people are scared of paying a very high-interest rate while buying a smartphone on EMI. In today’s post, we also talk about No Cost EMI. What is that? A credit card is required to buy a smartphone in installments. You can buy the phone in installments online without paperwork using your credit card (Buy Smartphone Online with EMI).

Many people now have fewer credit cards than you do, but don’t worry. This post also explains how to buy a mobile without a credit card (buy a smartphone with no credit card EMI). Yes, you will have to complete some paperwork for this. With this, you will be able to buy a smartphone in no time. After taking mobile finance, you can also get a loan of up to Rs 50,000. I will elaborate on this.

How to get a smartphone by paying in installments?

Till now mobile phones were used only for talking on the phone, but modern mobile phones have become very smart and can do many things online like electricity bills, and water bills. Now that insurance premium payments and remittances can be done with just a smartphone, smartphones have become an essential part of people’s lives.

If you want to buy a smartphone from the market, then you can start from 6-7 thousand rupees there and from there to hundreds of thousands of rupees.

If you are looking to buy a smartphone for regular work, then do not buy a smartphone that is more expensive than you need. So you can get a very good smartphone in 12000 to 15000 rupees and it will last you 5 years without any problem.

If you have a credit card then you can also buy a smartphone with free EMI. Those who do not have a credit card can complete mobile finance and buy the phone in easy monthly installments.

Buy Smartphone on EMI with Credit Card

Buying a smartphone is everyone’s dream. Considering the rising inflation, it will take a long time to buy a smartphone. If you want to buy this phone on EMI now then it is 10-15 thousand rupees then you can buy it. Well, you can buy a smartphone in installments.

If you decide that you need to buy the phone on EMI, in that case, we recommend you use your credit card to buy the phone on EMI. This is because many smartphone companies also offer discount offers – services that allow you to buy a smartphone for less than the retail price.

You don’t even need to do the paperwork to buy a cell phone with a credit card. You can buy the smartphone in installments sitting at home. For this, you can buy any smartphone from Amazon or Flipkart. So let’s buy a smartphone and see how to buy a mobile online in installments.

Buying EMI online means that the credit card you use to buy this smartphone, your credit card company will prepay the phone and receive the money from you in monthly installments. If you have already created a credit card, then you do not need to upload the documents.

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You can use any online shopping website of your choice. Here’s how to buy an EMI phone from the Amazon website.

Step 1:- First decide which smartphone you want to buy, then search on Amazon.

Step 2:- Similarly you can see that the bank offers section itself says about the EMI offers. Click on the details written there to know how many installments you will be paid every month.

If you want to pay in installments of 3-6 months, then you have to pay free EMI. In other words, if you buy a smartphone for 15000 rupees then you pay installments over 3 or 6 months. If it is added, it will remain at ₹15000.

No interest is charged and dividing Rs 15,000 by 3 or 6 months will give you an idea of ​​how many monthly installments are required.

Step 3:- Click on the “Buy Now” button, choose the EMI option in your payment method and enter your credit card number. Add the card by writing the expiry month and year and the CVV number.

Step 4:- Once the credit card is added, you have to pay with your credit card, but before that, you have to choose which month you want to pay the installment if the installment is to be completed in 6 months. I have. month, click it

An OTP is also sent to your mobile number for the same. It is considered very important. Once the payment is complete, the smartphone purchased becomes the place of order and will be delivered to your home within a few days.

Using this method you can buy a new smartphone with easy monthly installments on amazon. Similarly, if you want to buy a smartphone on Flipkart, then you can buy that phone in the same way. you can buy it.

In this way, you can buy a smartphone on EMI in just 5 minutes, but for this, it is most important to have a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, there are other ways, but you’ll need to do some document verification.

Buy a Smartphone on EMI without a credit card

Not everyone must have a credit card because many people believe that if they do not pay their credit card bills on time, they should not use it. I pay a high-interest bill on a Kisan credit card I will have to do At this time, there may be a different understanding.

If you don’t feel entitled to use a credit card or are one of those who don’t currently have a credit card… but you should buy a phone on EMI. For such people, Bajaj Finserv has great offers to buy smartphones and other things without a credit card.

To buy a phone with EMI, you have to go to your nearest smartphone store and find the phone of your choice. Available on EMI. Before doing this, ask the store owner if they sell the phone on EMI.

This is because phones are not sold by EMI in all mobile shops. Also, you have to make a down payment of at least 30% of the phone you buy. And according to the number of months you have tied, you will have to deposit monthly installments.

Documents required to buy a smartphone on EMI:-

  • Aadhar card
  • bread card
  • Bank book
  • cancel check
  • passport size photo

Whenever you go to a mobile shop to buy a smartphone on an installment basis, take all the original documents. If not then, the verification process can not complete. And the address was entered on the Aadhar card must have a local address.

With the help of Bajaj Finserv, you will get your loan. The presence of the borrower is very important. Because there it is probably necessary to take a live photo of that person.

After the completion of an EMI process, you will be given a smartphone. Bajaj Finserv will generate an EMI card once all the installments are paid in full. A virtual EMI card of Rs 30,000 or Rs 50,000 will be provided depending on the eligibility and can be used as a credit card.

However, this does not happen with all products and only a select few. This EMI card is applicable only if all the MIs are available at the same time. Hence, your CIBIL score will be good and you will get the benefit of doing it easily whenever you need to get through your loan in the future.

Wrap UP

I hope you liked this post on How to get a phone on EMI. I gave complete information about this. If you have any questions or suggestions then let us know in the comment box below.

Thank you.

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