Top 10 Best Payment Apps For UPI

As we all know what is UPI Payment, yet people who are deprived of the Internet world or the internet has not reached the internet yet, they do not even know about UPI payment even today. Doing, reaching the Internet so that those people also become digital,

Let us tell those people that UPI is a type of payment method, with the help of which you can transfer all your money from one bank account to another bank account in just one click. That’s why we bring you the 10 best UPI payment apps in 2022, safe and reliable. Which you can use without any hesitation in 2022.

The full name of UPI Payment is ‘Unified Payment Interface’.  Which was launched in India on 11 April 2016. But UPI Payment was not used by many people or was not popular at that time. Demonetisation was announced by our Government of India on 8th November 2016 as soon as UPI Payment was launched, under which old 500 and 1000 rupee notes were discontinued in India.

After which the users of UPI Payment increased a lot and to promote Digital India, the campaign run by our government also increased in UPI users. UPI Payment is a money transfer payment method brought by NPCI. The full form of NPCI is National Payment Corporation of India, whose job is to look after Menoy transfer transactions from one bank to another.

Benefits of UPI Payments

  • There are many benefits of UPI Payment, such as if you want to transfer money from your bank account to any other bank account, then through UPI Payment you will be able to save money in just one click. Otherwise it may take some time to send money to you without UPI. Because to transfer money from bank to bank, IFSC code, Bank Account no., Name, all these things are required, in which there is a possibility of some disturbances along with time.
  • While this does not happen in UPI Payment, only one ID is required in this. That ID can be anything, if you use the government-launched app BHIM UPI. Your UPI ID will be your mobile number, if using PhonePe your UPI ID will be your name (eg 1234567890@upi, ramgopal@ybl).
  • Some cashback and rewards are also available from UPI Payement. Through UPI, you will be able to book electricity bill, DTH recharge, mobile recharge, water bill, and gas in one click. Also, IMPS through UPI is considered better than NEFT because it is an easy process and nowadays, support of UPI has come in almost all types of payment receiving apps.
  • From any one app of UPI Payment, you will be able to transfer money to the account of all the banks and UPI Payment app has come a lot these days, due to which people are finding it difficult to choose the right app. But do not worry, we will tell you which app according to you will be better for you, so today we will tell you about Top 10 Best secure and trusted UPI payment apps in 2022 in this post.

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Top 10 Best UPI payment apps in 2022

1. BHIM App

The full form of BHIM App (Bharat Interface For Money) as its name suggests is an Indian app developed by NPCI. And was launched on 30th December 2016 by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. This app is the most trusted app because it is an Indian app. Using this app, money can be transferred to any bank account by knowing UPI ID or bank details like IFSC code etc.

Money can be spent or received by scanning the QR code through BHIM App or any UPI payment app.

You can create QR code of Fix Amount, through this money can be received from anyone in fixed amount. There is no extra charge of any kind for transferring money to any account through BHIM app. But nowadays some banks deduct some charges for using UPI Payment and not the BHIM app. And these charges are not much, it is only 2-4 rupees. Depends on which bank you have an account with. This service is still free by some banks i.e. no fee is deducted.

BHIM App can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store. This app has been downloaded more than 50 million times in the Play Store so far. A rating of 4+ has also been received. BHIM UPI Payment can be used online as well as offline by calling the code *99#, which is a special feature of this app.

2. PhonePe

PhonePe is a Bangalore based company that was founded in December 2015 by Rahul Chari, and Sameer Nigam. Which almost everyone likes to use because the service of PhonePe UPI Payment is very good and very good Costumer support is also available. In its app itself, we get to see the system of PhonePe Wallet, using which any bill or recharge can be done.

Some cashback can be seen when PhonePe transfers money from one account to another. The cashback which gets transferred to us in PhonePe Wallet. Or from many other apps like Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Fanfight, Circle11, Discount Voucher is available, using which you can get discount.

Also, through this app, you can pay many bills whether it is Electricity bill or Water Bill, Gas Book, Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Landline Bill. And with the help of this app, you can invest money in Liquid Fund, Super Fund, you can also buy Gold. And the special thing about this app is that if you refer PhonePe App to any other person then you will get 100 rupees.

3. Amazon Pay

Before Amazon Pay, the Amazon E-commerce website was launched in 2007, which is still the world’s largest e-commerce website or online store. Where almost all the products are available, but Amazon Pay was started in India in 2016. This app can also pay all the bills in it like other apps.

Amazon Pay service is also used in foreign countries. In this app also, some cashback is available in Amazon Wallet even after shopping or sending money from Amazon Store. Using which you will be able to shop from Amazon Store itself or do any other bill payment and recharge. Amazon Pay’s Tie-Up is available with Axis Bank, if you refer this app to your friends, then you get to see a cashback of Rs.31.

4. Google Pay

The Google Pay service is available under Google, due to which the Google Pay app becomes even more reliable. This payment app was launched in 2017 under the name of Google Tez which was later renamed to Google Pay. This app is also like all other UPI payment apps, in this also you will be able to transfer money from one account to another.

But there is a special thing about this app which makes it different from other apps. Through Google apps, you can transfer money to others without even revealing your identity, you get this feature only in ‘Google Pay’. To use this feature, both the bank users have to be present in front of them and it is mandatory for both to have Google Pay app.

First of all, you will get this feature in front of you as soon as you open the app, which you will be able to pay by tapping. In this, this app emits High Frequency Sound from the phone, which can be listened to and received payment by other Google apps. And its one more special thing is that on referring this app to others, you would get Rs 101 cashback which gets directly added to your bank account.

5. PayTM

PayTM is a Noida based company which was launched in August 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma as a mobile recharge website. But now you can make all types of payments through PayTM App, whether to transfer money or to pay any recharge bill. This app easily does all this work, its special thing is that through this you can also buy and recharge FasTag.

PayTM app was approved by Reserve Bank of India in August 2015 to launch Payment Bank, which is similar to a normal bank. In this you also get a Physical ATM Card which was officially launched by our Finance Minister in November 2017, and this app has also got the Outstanding Startup of the Year Award 2016 by Forbes.

This is the best UPI app for cashback. A certain cashback is available in all the transactions done by PayTM, whether you pay in petrol tank or pay any bill. Even small shop owners get payment received through PayTM today.

6. Jio Pay

Jio Pay is a recently launched UPI service that does not have a dedicated dedicated app. This gives you a chance to set UPI in Jio’s own app, which you will find in Google Play Store named MyJio. With the help of this app, you will be able to recharge your Jio number and also pay and pay almost all types of bills in it.

For the time being, the Jio Pay Cashback available through this app will be available only for Jio SIM recharge and use only in Ajio’s shopping stores.


This is State Bank of India (SBI) UPI App specially designed for UPI requirements. The main advantage of this app is that even people who do not have SBI account can use VPA to send and receive money. The app is very easy to use and you can easily register for the service after downloading the app.

8. Mobikwik

Currently, MobiKwik is also participating in the UPI interface of India’s payment network. All MobiKwik customers can use UPI to add money to their wallets. We already provide a wide range of services like Debit and Credit Card Transfer, Online Banking, Cash Receipt and Cash Deposit. E-wallet service providers also partner with a variety of e-commerce merchants.

9. iMobile, iMobile and ICICI Bank Pocket Apps

The UPI interface can be accessed from iMobile and PocketApp provided by ICICI Bank. You can download this app from Google Play Store. To send money through this app, you have to go to the money transfer option and click on UPI method.

10. BHIM Axis Pay

Axis Bank is one of the other banks that has launched a UPI-enabled platform for its customers. It comes with a very user friendly interface and many other features

You can download all these UPI Payment Apps for free from Google’s Play Store and App Store. The work of almost all these UPI Payment Apps is the same. Like transferring money to any third party bank or payment of electricity bill, water bill, landline bill, Dth recharge, mobile recharge, taxi service, food orders can also be done in a single click, just your different in all payment app. different feature.


I have tried my best to provide ‘Top 10 Best Payment Apps For UPI’. But if you have any apps that I forgot to add to this list, please let us know in the comments. Thank you.

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