How to keep your Android phone safe from hackers?

How to keep your Android phone safe from hackers?: In today’s time, our Smart phones are more important than our needs. I mean to say that in all the work we do now, our smartphone is needed. Whether it is online banking work or accessing Gmail.

But it becomes an opportunity for hackers to hack your mobile and steal your data. That’s why you need to know and keep in mind about some strategies How to keep your Android mobile safe from hackers?

So you have to read this article till end. You can use a VPN to keep your Android device secure, your Android OS should be updated.

So let’s know which strategy you should keep in mind and it is important to develop.

How to keep your Android phone safe from hackers?

If you want to keep your mobile secure from hackers then, in this article I am going to give you some basic tips along with some advantage tips.

Basic security Tips for your android device

Change your Android phone’s default password

When you buy new android mobile, you got a default password like ‘0000’, ‘1234’. This is given because you can easily remember your password.

But it’s very easy to remember it’s an advantage for you. But if it is seen from the perspective of hackers, then it can become a cause of danger for you. Because, it will be very easy to decode this password by hackers.

But if we want to keep our Android device protected then it is necessary to use password, pin or pattern lock. So for this you should change your default password and keep some complex password.

Use protected app for your PIN and Credit Card data safety

It is wise to always store any important files or documents or your credit card data in a protected app. And do not store the necessary data or document files in the storage of your Android mobile.

Avoid unprotected Bluetooth Networks

Whenever you connect your Bluetooth network with any other device, your data is shared. And it can become a medium through which hackers can hack your data.

If you connect your device to an unprotected network, then it can also be hackers who are trying to steal your data. So never connect to an unprotected network via your Bluetooth.

Don’t leave your Android device unattended for too long

There are some times when you are with your friends or with your family then, your attention is lost from your mobile. So there is a risk of your mobile being lost or hackers transferring or stealing some data physically through USB.

Therefore, always keep your Android device in a protected area like a purse or keep it in a zippered pocket, bag etc.

How to keep your Android mobile safe from Hackers (Some Advanced ways)

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Network and use VPN

Most of the hackers are targeted on public wifi because the number of people on it is more. And their target area is the bank account which has to be connected to the bank’s wifi.

Because the number of people is that high, keeping in mind the relaxation standard, their wifi security is slightly less.

Therefore, it will be safer to use a VPN than to make a direct connection to the public WiFi.

Always use Trusted and Secure source to download

Whenever you download some apps or files from any website or from anywhere, the safety of your privacy can be in danger.

That’s why I would suggest to you that whenever you want to download any application or any file then, download it from a reliable and secure website. Like PlayStore.

Google always keeps its sites secure keeping in mind the safety of its users. Google removes all malicious programs before a user use it.

Keep your Android OS Updated

Android keeps updating its OS from time to time. Due to which you will also have to get notification to update your Android mobile’s OS.

But why does it do this, you must be thinking that it is a waste of net data. But it upgrades some bugs to protect its users i.e. your security.

This enhances the security of your OS and keeps your mobile protected.

So keep this suggestion in mind and keep your Android device’s OS updated

To reach their popularity, there are many firms that send links to people through text. But it can be dangerous because through these links hackers can hack your mobile by transferring some bug in your android device.

That is why if such links come, then first confirm whether it has sent any of your relatives or colleagues or not, if not, then avoid it.

Turn off Autocomplete Feature in your Android Mobile

This can also become an issue as you will not have control over this feature and it will auto complete before you type anything.

Means, through these features, hackers can easily take control of your device and can access our OS. In this your personal data is auto stored and when you use it again, the possibility increases that hackers can access it.

So prevent this feature and turn it off.

Keep Your Antivirus Updated

Whenever it comes to the safety and security of your Android device, the mention of Antivirus comes first. Everyone knows that using antivirus is very important to protect your device from hackers.

But if you do not keep your antivirus up to date, then there is a risk of getting hacked. So always keep your Antivirus Updated.

Beware of Spam and Phishing Emails

Email Inbox Could Be a Simple Way for Your Android Device to Get Hacked.

Therefore, avoid opening promotional emails, running the indicated application updates, launching suspicious attachments, or clicking on any links via email.

Also, don’t try to access your financial accounts via random emails. Instead, go directly to the financial institution’s site and login using your credentials (username and password).

Avoid Rooting Process on your Android Device

Even if you have the curiosity to make your mobile more advantage, but avoid this Rooting process.

Because this will make your Android device vulnerable and hackers can attack your mobile through injecting virus, malware.

Must use Two Factor (2 FA) Authentication

This is such a feature by using that whenever you have to log in to any of your account, for that you will get a code through OTP and you will be logged in only after entering it.

In this your personal number will get that OTP which will remain for some time which will be very safe and secure.

It will protect you from phishing and password brute force attacks.

Wrap Up

If you follow the above mentioned methods then you do not need to take tension.

How to keep your Android mobile safe from Hackers? For this here I have given you some Basic tips and some Advance tips, by which your phone will be safe.

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