Android devices not Performing Well In The Market- 7 Reasons

Android devices not Performing Well: Mobile has become an important part of our lives. Even people who don’t have a mobile find it difficult to breathe. You will be familiar with this too because you are probably one of those people.

Here’s a question I would like to ask you which device do you prefer – iOS or Android, definitely tell in the comments.

If we go back 2-3 years, why was there such a craze for Android devices? Because Android used to provide us with new features that too at a low cost. Phones of companies like Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi were making a splash in the market.

Apart from all these companies, all other companies have brought their own branded Android devices in the market, that too in less than Rs 20000. With low price and new features. That’s why the craze of Android devices was at its peak because it lived within the budget of the people.

But coming in the year 2022, the craze of Android devices has started decreasing. But what happened, why and how it happened, you will get to know in today’s article.

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Why Android Phones Are Going down?

Since 2018, the dominance of Android mobiles has increased a lot, but at the moment people do not like affordable phones. And it has been established in the minds of people that, if you want good features and good quality phone then you have to spend more.

And this is the reason that in 2022 phone companies have become very strict about their mobiles. And without giving much importance to the budget, mobile companies are focusing on making high-cost mobile phones.

So let’s know what the reasons are –

Numbers of Camera MP & Lenses

The first reason is about the camera. Competition is intensifying today, and the number of mobile phone cameras participating in the competition is still lagging. So that’s why mobile companies have started increasing the number of cameras on their mobile phones.

In this competition, you are getting to see more and more megapixels and cameras on latest android devices. You probably know that with multiple cameras, companies focus on Macrodepth, Black n White, and Monochrome features. Due to this, the sensors that mobiles have, become useless. And with the budget in mind, good sensors aren’t used for it.

And when we talk about good sensors, the telephoto lens comes to the front. The Telephoto lens is used for portrait photography. It takes portrait photography to a different level.

It was believed that the use of these lenses will also be seen in affordable mobiles. The last time this lens was used on mobile Mi A1. However, it was discontinued and this lens started appearing only on phones of Rs 40000-50000.

But now more attention is being paid to the number of cameras and megapixels. And one of the missing things is OIS which is a premium feature. It looked like it would be used in low-end mobile phones in the future and it seems to improve image quality and video stability.

But this did not happen and now it is going to come in Realme 9 pro plus and will be available in Galaxy S series which comes at the price of 40-50 thousand.

Build Quality

Talking about the build quality, in 2019 many mobile phones saw glass build integration. But over time people switched from glass build to plastic build.

It is not that plastic is useless because a company like Nokia used plastic build to make unbreakable phones. But in the present time, such quality is not being seen in any plastic build. Such that even the plastic of high-priced phones does not have a premium feels.

Look, according to me, the glass build enhances the look, feel, and design of your phone. And glass build and metallic build are seen only in high-priced phones, why did it disappear from cheap mobiles?

IP Rating

As if you are on a beach and if your mobile gets wet in seawater or if dust enters your mobile, how will it feel? You will be worried that your mobile may get damaged. So here’s that lack of satisfaction. That’s why if your mobile has a proper IP rating, then you don’t have to worry so much.

With an IP rating, there is a kind of sense of satisfaction. IP rating refers to the quality and stability of the mobile by rating it. And with this rating, you can evaluate how your mobile phone will work in those conditions. With this, you will have the satisfaction that now the condition of your mobile is secure or not.

Earlier IP rating was used but in recent times that too has started disappearing. IP ratings can be a special reason for people to regain their attraction towards Android devices.

Display Comparision

Now let’s talk about the display. In today’s time, people are showing their desire on AMOLED display or high refreshed LCD display. However, people like AMOLED display more than LCD display.

The side-mounted fingerprint scanners are compatible with the low-cost AMOLED displays, going towards high-end devices, people prefer under-display fingerprint scanners.

The side-mounted fingerprint gives a slightly outdated feel and if you are giving the display of LCD then give better quality.

Stable Softaware Update

Recent Android updates have already brought some improvements, but not completely, it needs a little more attention.

Like Samsung provides for its mobile. Samsung provides stable software updates in its mobiles, although some bugs come in it. But it is not so bad as compared to the mobiles of other companies. It has also happened that Samsung has beaten ‘Google‘ many times in comparison to providing updates.

Providing software updates is not an easy task. You need the right team, software engineers, testing, and development, but if all of this is delivered on time, it turns out to be very good news.

It will be better if companies guarantee the exact timing of software updates, updates to new Android versions, and security patches.

No Charger & Fast Charger

Apple stopped offering chargers with mobile in its mobile box, because of this, other companies are also not offering chargers with mobile. And the phones that come with chargers charge very slowly.

So it should be kept in mind that, in today’s time mobile phones are evolving, charging fast and if the charger is of 100 watts or 120 watts then it should be offered with the mobile.

How many different android devices are there 2020-2022 which provide Chargers with a phone in their phone box? Yes, there are some but majority is without the charger.

Best Android Phones Are Expensive

The improvements seen earlier are slowly coming to an end. Earlier, great features were given in cheap Android phones and new phones were introduced in the market with new features.

But now companies are launching new mobiles in the market with the same features but increasing the prices. Currently, mobile companies are increasing the price of mobile phones. Whereas they do not provide all the features in cheap mobile phones as before and customers are spending more money.

Wrap Up

Hence a question arises whether older Android devices used to be ‘better value for money’, or are today’s Android devices ‘better value for money’. Tell us what you think about this by commenting in the comment box.

I hope you must have liked this article, if you have missed any other information or if you want to know something else, then do let me know by commenting.

Thank You.

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