Android 11 vs 12: Differences You Need to Know

Android 11 vs 12: As the world is developing every year, people are in search of something better and want something new. And to make their attention gain towards their product, companies also update, upgrade their product.

Android 12 is the update version of Android 11 and it simply means that something new, something better should be done in Android 12 from Android 11. So that people want to update the previous version of their mobile to the new version.

Android 11 vs 12 Update means something better than the previous version. Talking about Apple, it optimizes the performance, customization and personalization of its iOS updates to satisfy the wishes of its customers. Google is also trying to improve its product by applying the same fundamentals.

Android 11 vs 12: Differences You Need to Know

“Material You” A great UI ?

If you want to show off something better, then the main focus is on giving its user interface a facelift. Which Google is doing through it’s new UI ‘Material you’ by redesigning its user interface. Google is trying to make Android 12 even better by introducing new Android performance features, improving battery life and privacy security.

Material UI is an advanced UI that gives responsive motion, and dynamic color to the mobile interface. Customers can customize the widgets and can also change the app icons as per their requirement.

Due to the new UI you can change the color of your mobile as you wish, like if you change your wallpaper, the background color in your phone’s settings will change, the icon color will change, and the notification icon will change according to the wallpaper of the phone. The color of the button will change. And extra dim theme is also introduced in brightness.

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Widget has been introduced in Android 12 which will give you a new feel at the time of conversation. It has the ability to create a widget for your closest relative at the front of the home screen. It allows you to read texts, miss call notifications, birthday notifications and even send messages to those specific people of you directly through the same widget.

Android 12 Update Gives Its Users Improved Accessibility with New Visibility Feature. While reading text or reading an article, users can read easily by magnifying that area or can make the text bold, extra dim the brightness so that they can have a clearer view experience. And user can adjust all of their device’s colors to grayscale.

Android 11 vs 12: Security and Privacy

In terms of privacy and security, some new features have been included in Android 12 which are private by Design so you’re in Control. This will give you a privacy dashboard to secure permissions at a glance.

There is also the danger that someone is listening to you from your mic or watching you from your camera without your permission. On update to Android 12, when the user is using his microphone or camera, an indicator will show up on the screen, giving you relief from the sense of danger.

It also happens that when users do not disconnect their call due to mismanagement after making a video call and forget which may have to face interference from 3rd party, then this indicator shows the user that it is necessary to disconnect the call.

Android 12 update includes features like choose to share precision or approximate location with apps. A user can share his exact location with the help of Google Maps, and even with the help of some apps, he can share his approximate location with his friends. This has the advantage that the user can share his precise location and approximate location as per his wish.

With the help of the Privacy Dashboard, the user can know how much your location sharing is happening during the day while his microphone and camera are in use. Apart from this, it is easy for the user that no app is providing location updates without its permission.

It provides the most secure private computing core in privacy, enabling users to keep expatriates confidential. This User’s Privacy With the help of Google, third party sites will ask your permission before sharing during the Service. It preserves user awareness.

Android 11 vs 12: Battery Life

With the update of Android 12, the core system of the mobile will be changed and the CPU usage will be less, which will not have much effect on the life of the mobile’s battery life.

During gaming, the user will have the control to operate the performance according to itself, if the user wants, he can enjoy the good graphics by shifting to the gaming performance, but its effect will be seen on the battery life.

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Performance between Android 11 vs 12:

Everything about Android 12 feels much easier to use. With its fresh UI, Android is much more attractive to use, and switching from another OS to Android 12 has never been so easy. Google expresses that you can transfer all your basic information from any telephone (even an iPhone) via a cable or a normal Wi-Fi connection.

Likewise you’ll notice that your gestures and movement feel more fluid once you move to Android 12. Also, aside from the content you want to change, you’ll see a notice bar that’s easy to access and view faster and user can find what is open in his background.

Other Notable Features of Android 12

Android 12 becomes even more special with some really cool features like users can capture scrolling screen shots after updating to Android 12. One of the best features of Android 12 is the ability to capture scrolling screenshots. Exactly so it seems. If you need to take multiple screenshots of a long article or a series of text, you can take an image. Once you start taking screenshots, you’ll be able to scroll and capture as many as you want.

The clipboard function has also been updated. Now when you want to copy something, such as text, links, images, etc., every time you type normally, you’ll see the copied content. For example, if you want to send a phone number to your friend, you copy it and when you send a message, that phone number pops up at the top of the keyboard.

Is it worth upgrading to Android 12?

If you have read the entire article till here, then your answer will be, in short, yes. The newer versions of the Android OS are better than the previous ones. It’s very rare not to get better. But Android 12 is no exception.

There are updates and changes that users have come to expect, such as performance upgrades, changes in battery life and usage, and behind-the-scenes updates that most people won’t notice immediately.

But Android 12 is more unique than its predecessors. It is a personalized and customizable UI. This feature is a game changer for many Android users.


Will Android 12 be faster?

With the Android 12 update, the system cores have changed, and Google has claimed that the CPU will take 22% less time to service the system cores compared to Android 11.

Can I update my Android 11 to 12?

The simple answer is yes, because Android 12 update makes your mobile fast. It is also customizable and personalized for Android 12 users.

Wrap Up

New OS versions are updates that change a lot internally, and some that change a lot of things for users. Then there are some who don’t change at all. There are small ones too. Regarding focus improvements, Android 11 was definitely in its final camp. Still, adding a number of small new features and improvements, Android 12 is very different, boasting one of the biggest user interfaces ever.

So “Android 11 vs 12: Differences You Need to Know” explains that how beneficial it would be to update. You must tell by commenting whether your Android 12 update is better, are you satisfied or not. And do share this article with your friends. Thank you.

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