When is 6G Network Coming to India | Future Scope of 6G Network Full Guide

Future Scope of 6G Network: The world has become so fast that it is impossible to run your business without internet. This is one of the discoveries of the 20th century. Technology has changed the whole world in the last 20 years, for such changes, perhaps centuries would have been needed in earlier times.

Our world is changing so fast that 5G has not come yet that the chances of 6G coming have increased. So today we will know on this basis how much the potential of internet has increased.

Importance of fast internet in the future

It is difficult to even imagine the future of everyday life and the world without the Internet.

Due to the time of the pandemic, it has become even more confirmed that when the responsibility of the whole world has come on the shoulders of the internet.

Be it office work or general meeting, children’s education or meeting with friends or registering for vaccination. For all this work it has become Virtual.

Even before such a pandemic, we have all taken a dive from the virtual world.

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Impact of 6G on Ecosystem

We also talk through the Internet and today the source of our human lives is also the Internet. We are dealing with office work through internet, whether it is the purchase of bikes or train bus or plane tickets, there is internet for everyone. Internet is also the place of shopping.

Nowadays, technology like navigation system is being used in the vehicles running on the road and navigation systems are also being used in ships that float in water and air planes flying in the sky. Everywhere technology and data transfer play an important role.

In this age of technology and internet, our city is getting progressive and smart too, which is also helping us to be eco friendly. Because in this digital world we do not have to depend on paper only.

 In this progressive world we are able to do all our work through internet so that we do not need much paper. And if the demand for paper keeps on decreasing like this, then the loss of forest will also reduce.

Is 6g really coming

The need of ‘Technology and Internet’ will increase even further because our world is also becoming better than the last generation. So for this we have to increase the speed of our internet.

Each generation of wireless cellular network is faster than the previous generation and brings with it a lot of potential.

With the 1G it is possible to talk on a cell phone, then the 2G has the facility to send ‘SMS’ along with talking on the mobile.

Smartphones came with the 3G so we learned how to use internet on smartphones, With 4G we got more speed and we started transferring video, audio, and photos.

And now 5G is coming which is going to be superfast and will make automation easier. We are still waiting for 5G that 6G is about to arrive.

Why 6G is in the news

Direct contact with human brain and computer! Scientists say that this can be possible through 6G.

The foundation of future communication system is being laid to set new standards of data transmission.

Scientists in Japan believe that by 2030 6G network will completely replace 5G network.

Permission has been approved to work on the development of 6G network in India. And it’s going to start from 2023-24.

Recently the government has directed the Center for Development of Telecom to expedite the work of 6G.

It is believed that the 6G network in Europe is going to cost about $ 1.8 billion.

6G wireless communication and its features

More frequency will be used in 6G than in 5G. 6G network will provide more bandwidth than 5G network and will also have much less latency.

Latency: Time taken for data to travel from one point to another in a network

6G will be able to transfer data 50 times faster than 5G networks.

For example,

A 6GB HD movie downloads in about 17 minutes at the speed of 50mbit/s on the LTE network. And in 5G network, it will be downloaded in about 8.30 minutes at the speed of 100 seconds per second. And in a network with 6G superspeed, it will download in just 51 seconds at the speed of 1000mbit foot second.

Imagine how easy it would be to watch a movie. Right now we are using 4G network which is 10 times faster in case of 3G network. When 5G network comes, it will be 1000 times faster. For faster data transfer, 5G will use higher frequency and higher bandwidth.

All the networks that have come up to 4G, they work in the frequency of 700 MHz to 6 GHz, whereas 5G will work in the frequency from 28 GHz to 100 GHz.

Which Countries Have 6G Technology

Some of the powerful countries have invested big on new resources and engineers from its center on R&D research and development of 6G technology.

These include countries like Japan, China, South Korea, America, Finland.

What will be Its effect on the AR and VR

6G will not only increase the power of mobile or other device, but 6G network will also increase the speed of our common life by making it very advanced.

The report also says that 6G will greatly advance technology such as AR and VR.

Perhaps you must have seen a video which went viral in February 2020, in which it was shown that a mother was reunited with her dead daughter. This is just one example of virtual reality technology.

I have said before that 6G will take the virtual world to a different level. And it can be used in many aspects of our life. 6G will bring huge developments to Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.


That is why there is also a concern about the fact that the radiation emitted from the devices with 5G network can be dangerous for human health. An order has been ordered in Germany to investigate the possible impact of 5G on human health. Such investigation should be done all over the world, because nothing is more important than our health.


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