5G Coming To India | 5G Rollout | 5G Bands

5G Coming To India | 5G Rollout | 5G Bands: It seems that the appearance of 5G will be seen soon. Now we will see and know the status of 5G in India. When will the auction be held and when and what band will be seen in which city? You can find out about all of this in this article. So read this article till the end.

What is the situation of 5G in India?

Here, let’s know about the status of 5G in India. At present, India’s Budget 2022 has been revealed, it has been confirmed that the 5G spectrum will be performed by March-April.

All the telecom companies in India will participate in this auction. All the telecom companies in India will participate in this auction. They will get spectrum and then roll out it. Rollout time has also been set.

5G Rollout in India

First, there are 13 big cities where 5G can be seen. It is being speculated that by September this 5G rollout will be seen in these big cities. It will be given the benefit of 5G placement in some selected areas of these 13 big cities.

However, when it comes to 5G development across India, it has been decided that by 2023 5G will be developed across India. This means that if you don’t live in these big cities, you will not be able to use 5G by 2023 and will have to wait until 2023.

And here the majority will be covered. Vodafone, Idea, Jio, and Airtel are going to participate. And it also cannot be decided what will be the plans of 5G, what will be the offers.

All this will only be known after the 5G rollout. Therefore, if you have already purchased a 5G mobile set, you use a 4G network at this time otherwise, wait until 2023. And this is the right time to leave your 4G phone and buy a 5G mobile phone.

I recommend that you buy a 5G mobile that has 5G multiple band features.

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5G Bands In India

The 5G band that is currently confirmed in India is N78. There are many such mobile phones where only a single band of 5G can be seen.

N78 band comes with a midrange frequency. But the spectrum auction that is going to take place includes low range and midrange frequency bands. Right now there is no discussion on mm (millimeter) waveband whether it will come in the auction or not.

But all the companies that are going to participate in the auction, make the mobiles of ‘mm-wave band.

Airtel did a 5G frequency test on phones that support the n78 band. Majority of phones that have tested 5G also use N78 bands Like Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8Pro.

What I mean is that, if you look at the majority, the N78 band can support 5G.

And that’s why I suggest that you buy a phone with multiple bands because multiple bands will give you good connectivity and you will also get to see good speed. Otherwise, you may face some inconvenience due to the high load on a single band.

Which 5g Phones to Buy?

Let’s talk about which phone to buy to enjoy 5G features? It is safe if your phone supports more than 7 bands, such as low band (n3, n4, n5, n41, n78, etc.).

But the question comes to mind what will happen if the phone supports 12-13 bands? So let me tell you that in India so many bands will not be implemented in any mobile and the majority will remain useless, yes if you are outside India then it is possible.

There are companies like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, that will implement 5G using their 4G dynamic spectrum sharing. This means that the 4G network infrastructure will have to be improved and a card needs to be replaced with a new one.

5G Network In India

The 5G network that is going to come in India initiative will be non-stand-alone and it will still take time to come to the standalone network. And if you thought you could see the boom speed in 5G, you might not see it.

At 5G speeds, it is offered in low bend and mid bend, so don’t expect to enjoy 1GB/sec speed. Now, when Jio did a speed test, the 5G speed showed 400mbps.

Peak speed can be around 400 Mbps and can be seen up to around 100 Mbps in the majority of cases.

If mobile companies optimize their hardware according to 5G, speed networks may see something different. So, if you buy a new 5G mobile, it will be well optimized and be able to take advantage of excellent 5G speeds after the arrival of 5G.

There are many 5G mobiles but you will get to see the good benefits of 5G speed better in the new 5G mobile set.

5G mobiles are coming

At present, the price of new 5G mobile phones can be high, so you can wait till the price of these mobiles comes down. According to OnePlus, OnePlus phones priced above Rs 15,000 will be offered 5G capabilities by default when they enter the market. Right now 4G is not being seen in 20000 rupees phones and 5G will become the mainstream.

5G has become a standard and Jio may take it to the 10000 segments by the end of 2022. If Jio expands the 5G spectrum, then Jio can bring 5G.

5G not only For Cities

The expansion of 5G will not be limited to cities only, there will be a trial test of 5G in the villages and gradually its expansion will be seen in the villages as well. The government also wants the village to have a majority of 5G.

Optical 5G network will be provided in villages so that 5G connectivity and broadband connectivity can be made possible. From now on another advantage can be that the 4G speed, which was less than before, will increase.

Made in India 5G

It is also expected that a PLS plan will be made under 5G so that all 5G equipment can be manufactured in India.

The advantage of this is that the government can offer discounts, make it cheaper for companies to manufacture products, and promote Made in India products. Jio has already started working on it. All the 5G equipment of Jio will be deployed in India only.

It is a ray of hope that with the arrival of 5G in India, India’s technology will be made in India and India’s technology will be better and security will also remain among the people of India.

Manufactures will be in India but RND and Patents, Research, and Development are all already done in foreign countries. All we have to do is to deploy all those things in India.

Wrap Up

In this article, I have tried to give all the information I had about 5G. When will 5G arrive in India, 5G rollout and 5G bands as well. If you have any other doubt, then do ask in comment and I will try my best to clear all those doubts.

Thank you.


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