These 10 new features are going to come in WhatsApp 2022

WhatsApp 2022: Today’s post covers 10 new features coming to the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Yes, 10-11 new cool features will be available in WhatsApp. We will cover them all in this post. This post will be continuously updated to add the latest new features for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp keeps adding new features every day and features are waiting for them.

The company is currently testing a new update 2.19.110 that adds several new features. WhatsApp recently added the ability to send 30 audio files at once.

By becoming a WhatsApp beta tester, you can try the upcoming WhatsApp feature. You can read this post to know about it.

Let’s talk about the upcoming features of WhatsApp 10-11 which will be introduced in the new update. Latest whatsapp features.

10 new features of WhatsApp 2022

After trying out the new feature of WhatsApp, you can surprise your friends by telling them about it.

1. Lock Feature WhatsApp 2022

WhatsApp Lock feature is currently available for iPhone users, but soon this feature will be available for Android users as well.

WhatsApp was testing on version 2.19.83 for Android users. This feature allows users to add an extra layer of security to WhatsApp.

That is, you can lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint or Face ID. Only allow you to use your WhatsApp. You can also set the time in it.

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2. Screenshot Block

WhatsApp has developed features to improve the security and privacy of users. This feature called Screenshot Block is a work in progress and will take some time.

This eliminates the problem of taking screenshots of other people’s WhatsApp and misusing them. In chat, users will not be able to take screenshots of their siblings after calling this function.

3. WhatsApp Message Forward

WhatsApp is working on improving the forwarding tag. Forward option now appears above forwarded messages in the app.

It helps the user to understand that the message has been forwarded. After this update, users will also be able to see which messages have been forwarded and how often. Messages that have been forwarded more than three times are shown as frequently forwarded.

4. Send Audio Files

This feature was launched some time ago in WhatsApp. With this, users could send 30 audio files simultaneously.

Previously, you could only send one audio file at a time. Now users can send and listen to 30+ files simultaneously Whatsapp 2022.

5. Dark Mode

WhatsApp users are waiting for this feature because their eyesight becomes very less while using WhatsApp at night or in the dark.

That’s why WhatsApp 2022 is running a new feature in Night Mode to solve the problem of mobile screen brightness of users.

6. Autoplay Voice Messages

With the introduction of WhatsApp’s autoplay voice message feature, users no longer need to play voice notes again and again. A voice message will play automatically.

When one voice message ends, another voice message is triggered automatically. Therefore, the user does not need to do anything manually.

7. PIP Mode

WhatsApp launched PIP mode only last year. Soon, the company will release the second version of PIP – Picture-in-Picture Mode.

After this feature, videos of other platforms will start playing in WhatsApp 2022 itself. This means that you no longer need access to the YouTube app to upload YouTube videos to WhatsApp.

8. In App Browser

According to information received from the Internet, WhatsApp can also include in-app browser feature in its new update. This is also like pip mode.

It currently opens the link in the WhatsApp 2022 window itself, as the user does not need to have access to an internet browser to open the link. This feature also tells you whether the website you have opened is correct or not.

9. Image Search

WhatsApp is about to launch a new image search feature to curb fake news. If users find a suspicious image in the chat, they can search for it within the app itself.

This shows the reality of that picture. Currently, users have to download the images from WhatsApp and search them on Google.

10. Animated Stickers

Animated stickers have also been seen in the test version of WhatsApp. It looks a bit like a GIF file, but it’s nothing like it.

The animated stickers are the same ones already in the app, but new stickers are rolling in. Apart from this, WhatsApp also allows you to add official emoji.

11. Chat Archive

Archive chat on WhatsApp is used to hide chats. Now, if a chat receives a new message, it will be automatically deleted from the archived chat.

WhatsApp is working on a solution to this problem. With the introduction of the new feature, archived chat messages from users will no longer appear in the man chat messages list. Users can archive or unarchive messages as needed.


In this post, we have covered the new 10-11 features of WhatsApp. From now on, this post will contain information about all the updates included in WhatsApp and all the new features included in it.

So please make sure to revisit this post in future if WhatsApp is updated. Here you can again get information about all the new features.

For now, I hope you liked the information provided in this post and got to know about all the new features of WhatsApp.

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